Fishing Tips For Bass - Baiting the Hook For Success!

  • Mon 13th Apr 2020 - 7:40am
    When it comes to fishing tips for bass, baiting the hook will either make or break you. There are some specific things to remember to make the most of of your day on the water best baitcaster. 1. The sharper the better - When baiting your hook you want the hook sharp. You can either replace your hooks or purchase a hook sharpener. Hooks easily get dulled when hooking random debris or hitting bottom. Just like your favorite pocket knife, the sharper the better. 2. Make it look natural - You want to present the bait as naturally as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by using gang hooks. If your not familiar with gang hooks they will be well worth your time to check into. They will help provide the most natural presentation possible. 3. The bigger the hook doesn't mean, bigger the fish - I think this happens quite often. When I was first learning how to fish i did the same thing myself. You use a giant hook, wrap the worm on and expect to catch a giant fish. You can easily correct this by using gang hooks. you can use much smaller hooks and get a much better effect. Some of the largest fish are caught with the smallest hooks. 4. Are your hands clean? - That could be a bad thing when it comes to fishing. The easiest way to remove any scents that may be on your hands would be, simply rubbing your hands together with a handful of dirt. This will neutralize any scents on your hands and make the bait even more attractive for a potential fish. These fishing tips for bass can improve your fishing experience. Whether your out with your buddies on a Saturday afternoon, or fishing with the kids on Sunday morning.

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