Recon 5 has entered the world of CS:GO

Sun 24th Feb 2019 - 3:50am Gaming

It seemed like any normal Friday for everyone. End of the work week, getting ready to go home and play online with our friends. However, while everyone was finishing work and getting ready for their weekend, Recon 5 was busy finishing up a major deal. On Friday February 23rd, it was announced that we'd aquired a brand new Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) team. With the big news of the addition, it brought a new hype to all the members to meet some new friends. 

The former CoastalGG squad was aquired overnight and has joined the long list of teams here at Recon 5. The team consists of KamauCS, Merzy, Hobo, Venchuur and Jag. The team goes way back over the past 2 years when KamauCS and Merzy wanted to start a team to play competitive CS:GO. At the time, the team was known as CoastalGG and was an org that was ran by our very own KamauCS. It was growing into multiple teams, but as time went on, it was determined that things weren't working out for the team overall. This eventually led to the disbanding of the team. Some went on to streaming for a while and easing up on playing CS:GO like KamauCS. Eventually after a year or so, the duo hooked up again and decided to give it another go. 

After posting an ad to gather some new teammates, they went ahead and started doing some scrims with the newfound teammates. After a rough start to the scrims and getting used to each other, they ended up going 15-0 and found confidence in their play together. With the roster in place, they went in search of a coach to help bring their game to the next level, thus enters Slaffsword, their head coach.

Currently the team plays in the EAEA CS:GO Eastern Open and are currently boasting a 9-3 Record. You can catch the games from the KamuaCS (, or Venchuur's (, or sometimes even Slaffsword's ( streams. Making the playoffs is just the first step towards their domination. Ultimately they look to play in Faceit tournaments and making it at least to semis. They improve each and every day and have plans to hopefully get into the pro scene within the next couple of seasons while they gain traction.

-Chris "Gingy" Gingrich




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